AIGETOA Fight Against MT- Legal as well as Agitational Front

AIGETOA Fight Against MT- Legal as well as Agitational Front

Various queries are being received from members of this association about action plan of the association against MT recruitment. It is to convey to all that this association will fight on both front legal as well as organizational action. Legal front may give us immediate relief but cannot finish this MT ghost forever. 

AIGETOA has already filed the case on MT recruitment and standard pay scale where we are confident to get relief on both the issues. MT/DGM recruitment from among external candidates are only the vested interest of earlier management on the cost of the company and moral of qualified executives just to justify the deputation of ITS officers beyond rules. 

This association also hopes that present BSNL management, who seems to be more concern towards survival of BSNL, will understand the game plan behind this MT/DGM recruitment and it’s after effect and renders justice to existing qualified executives. But we must understand the fact that even mother will not feed baby until he cries so we cannot assume that present management will take care of us suo moto. This association will give you all, the platform to cry loudly so that management is forced to take care of us. 

This association is going to serve agitational notice along with AIBSNLEA against MT recruitment and this time we will go up to the extent where either proposed MT or already recruited qualified engineers/account officers will be in BSNL. We all are ready for do or die. .

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