Important Points For A Voter

Important Points For A Voter

The voter should keep following things in mind while voting:

First go to the polling booth with Valid Identify Card and in its absence, just get a provisional I-Card issued from the office he is working.

(i) He should sign on counter foil of the ballot paper.

(ii) He should see that ballot paper given to him has signature of the presiding officer on the back side otherwise the same shall be rejected and not counted.

(iii) He shall not be allowed to use his mobile.

(iv) He shall maintain peace and listen carefully the instructions of Polling team.

(v) He shall put his mark only by swastic stamp well inside the box.

(vi) The ballot paper shall liable to be rejected if (a) He/She puts stamp substantially outside the seal box (b) He/She puts some marks/signature/write any message/any indication on ballot paper (c) On back side, signature of presiding officer is not available.

Courtesy: All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association (AIGETOA)

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Please remember to exercise your right to cast vote with all precautions.

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