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Meeting With Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director (HR) On 10.09.2021

CHQ leaders of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA (BSNL) and AIBSNLEA met Shri Arvind Vadnerkar, Director(HR) on 10.09.2021 and held detailed discussions on promotion to BSNL Executives. It is informed that Restructuring is in very advanced stage and it will be presented to MC in a couple of days.

  1. We Demanded That All Eligible Executives As On Date Should Be Promoted Before Restructuring And Only Viable Option Is Time Bound Promotion For All Eligible Executives Before The Restructuring. BSNL Board Has Approved Time Bound Promotion Policy In May 2018 Itself And Promotions Should Be Ensured In A Time Bound Manner For All Eligible Executives, We Demanded. The Concern On Reservation Can Be Addressed By Incorporating A Provision For Following Govt/DoPT Guidelines On Reservation Protecting The Constitutional Rights. The Promotions Should Be Extended W.E.F. 01.07.2018 Onwards As And When The Executives Fulfill Their Eligibility Criteria. We Also Told That Other Issues Which Have Been Raised By Various Sections From Time To Time May Be Addressed In The Policy By Involving All The Stake Holders And Drawing A Consensus. It Will Be Pertinent To Mention That Management Committee Of The Board Is Empowered To Decide On Such Changes In The Policy.
  2. We Also Requested That Before Restructuring, All The Adhoc DGM(T/F) Executives Should Be Made Regular DGM(T/F) As Sufficient Vacancies Are Available And Thereafter All Posts Should Be Filled On Regular Basis. Further, A Merit Based Fast Track Promotion Should Also Be Introduced For DGM Equivalent And Above Grade For Promotion To Higher Positions From Among Meritorious BSNL Executives To Lead BSNL By Creating Adequate Number Of Such Posts. Current MTRR And DGM RRs Should Be Scrapped Altogether And Replaced With Internal Fast Track Mechanism.

Earlier CHQ leaders of AIGETOA, SNEA, SEWA (BSNL) and AIBSNLEA met and deliberated the Restructuring process and its deadly consequences on career progression of the Executives. Even small increase in the number of posts is not going to address the issue. There is a huge disconnect in numbers proposed by management and actual requirement of the posts to ensure smooth promotion for all eligible Executives in all the Grades across all the wings. It is also deliberated that the existing vacancies especially in AGM/CAO equivalent grades are also not getting filled owing to complexities associated with respect to SLP at Hon Supreme Court, relating to Reservation and the management is also not trying for any solution taking excuse of the situation.

After detailed discussion, it is decided to work jointly for the career progression of all the Executives either by making Time Bound Promotions without linking it with availability of vacancies or by getting so many numbers of posts which ensures smooth promotion for all eligible Executives in all the Grades across all the wings in a time bound manner without stagnating any Executive in any cadre or stream.

Associations agreed to pursue for implementation of the Board approved Time Bound Promotion Policy of May 2018 with incorporation of provisions for following Govt/DoPT guidelines on Reservation protecting the constitutional rights. The promotions should be extended w.e.f. 01.07.2018 onwards as and when the Executives fulfill their eligibility criteria.

Associations will also demand that all the Adhoc DGM(T/F) Executives should be made regular DGM(T/F) as sufficient vacancies are available and thereafter all posts should be filled on regular basis. Issues raised by AIGETOA and AIBSNLEA on the policy will be pursued to be implemented. It was discussed that changes required to consider those issues can easily be addressed by Management Committee of the Board.

Associations agreed for incorporation of a merit based fast track promotion should also be introduced for DGM equivalent and above grade for promotion to higher positions from among meritorious BSNL Executives to lead BSNL by creating adequate number of such posts. Associations will also demand for scrapping of Current MTRR and DR DGM RRs and replaced with internal fast track mechanism.

Other than promotional aspects, all issues pertaining to Pay, Promotion and Pension shall also be jointly pursued by all.

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