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Message From GS

Dear Friends,
A win is a win and a loss is a loss…We gracefully accept that without any ifs and buts and congratulate the winners.
Despite putting our best efforts and securing the support of majority of DRs, we could not cross the final barrier by a very thin margin.
However, this referendum has re-established the confidence of all the DRs in AIGETOA. Now its time to strengthen the organisation from the grass root level.
We sincerely hope that the flag bearers of DRs in the winner Association take care of the burning issues pertaining to BSNL recruits and those advocating for them also ensure that the issues do not take the shape other way around.
The response of the winner association in coming days on the issues like MT recruitment, 10 years in E3 ,12 percent SAB , Pay Scale of 22820/- will give us the clear picture of the future which lies ahead.
With regard to the AIGETOA, we would like to inform all that our fight for separate recognition for DRs is in its final stage and we hope for a positive outcome on the same from the Hon’ble Court of Law. Further, for fighting for the issues, agitating for our rights and raising the voice against injustice, the firm resolve for AIGETOA is there and we will carry on with that fight and will not allow anybody to spoil the careers and security of the DRs. The confidence which they have exercised in us despite of obstacles put forward, is unmatched and unparalleled. We will try to come up with their expectations.
Further we would like to tell them who wanted AIGETOA to be finished and see the dead body, they will have to wait and wait till eternity AIGETOA lies in our souls, our hearts and our minds..
We thank one and all for supporting the call of the association with a promise of not letting down their belief and standing their as a wall for them.
Together We Can, Together We Have, Together We Will
Jai United Forum
JAI Bharat

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